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Angelina Jolie Sex

Angelina Jolie Gets Fucked In The Ass

Posted in Unspecified
A gorgeous Angelina Jolie sex fake (what makes it gorgeous? the girl's incredible butt!) in which Angelina takes a cock in her ass (and the cock fits that asshole perfectly!). Still, she has one more hole to give pleasure to one more man in that position. So, doing anal leaves a lot to be extemporized, indeed.

angelina jolie anal sex improvisation

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Horny mistress Angelina Jolie fucks a Man

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Although someone may say that, in this fake, Angelina Jolie is fucked by a man, we insist that she is the active fucker herself. Just take a look at the poor guy, and you will realize that he is only a slave performing his job on Jolie's pussy while his mistress is giving him orders, taking pleasure. And that is him who is going to fall down from exhaustion and be replaced by another slave, very soon.


angelina jolie fucks a guy in a hot bdsm scene


Gwen Stefani BDSM sex


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Angelina Jolie Hot Threesome

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A very hot sex fake of Angelina Jolie which makes her look a real whore. Sweet Angelina enjoys a threesome fucking with two men, taking one of the cocks in her tight pussy and eating on the other. 


angelina jolie has a threesome


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Angelina Jolie Motorbike Fucking

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Shining steel, black leather and nude flesh - that is how we can describe this hot fucking image starring Angelina Jolie in an explicit biker show sex scene. The motorbike seat turns out to be wide enough for the girl to lie back on it and open up her pussy for a hard rock... sorry, hard cock penetration. One of YOVO FAKES masterpieces.


angelina jolie gets fucked on top of the motorbike


Kelly Ripa Hot Biker


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Angelina Jolie Oral Sex

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Angelina Jolie gets down and dirty to do some oral sex. The slutty brunette hired by Trillian performs blowjob on a huge cock sticking out of gray trousers. Luckily, her mouth is big enough to take that fat cock in.


angelina jolie eating on cock


Jessica Alba Blowjob Audition



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Angelina Jolie Doing Anal

Posted in Unspecified

What do they do in New Fake City? They seduce celebrity girls and trick them into having sex in front of the camera. As a result, even such a decent mother and wife as Angelina Jolie turns into a lewd milf taking cocks in every hole of hers. In particular, into her asshole, as you may see in this anal sex fake of adorable Angelina.


angelina jolie doing anal


Jennifer Lopez Anal Sex


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Angelina Jolie Lesbian Sex

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Two naughty girls decided to have some fun. Some pussy licking and fisting resulted in shooting a hot lesbian sex scene starring Angelina Jolie.


angelina jolie having sex with her girlfriend


Paris Hilton Lesbian Sex


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Angelina Jolie Doggy Style Sex

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Angelina Jolie taking a cock into her juicy twat while getting fucked doggy style. Having sex is a lot of fun, and a laughing face of Angelina is another evidence of this :)


Angelina Jolie having doggy style sex



Alyssa Milano getting fucked doggystyle

Paris Hilton gets anal fucked doggystyle

Selena Gomez doggystyle sex


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Angelina Jolie Double Penetration

Posted in Unspecified

Let's get loose at once if you don't mind. Enjoy one of the hottest sex fakes of Angelina Jolie, a pic which is starring her getting fucked by two men at once. A sizzling sample of double penetration, despite the age of this job, dated back as 2003. Even at that time they could already make very impressive images.


Angelina Jolie Double Penetration



Miley Cyrus enjoys a double fuck

Jennifer Aniston threesome

Lindsay Lohan hardcore sex fake (featuring a double penetration, too)


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Angelina Jolie Sex Fakes

Posted in Unspecified

Angelina Jolie Sex


Fake celebrity image compilations found on file sharing hostings, etc can be great. The only problem about them is that you have to download someone's collections in full. Unfortunately, together with really great pics you usually get a lot of junk. We can save you trouble sorting out good and bad ones. Here you will only find the best ones! And all of the pics are strictly categorized as Angelina Jolie Sex fakes. So, welcome and enjoy our selection of sex fantasy pics featuring Angelina Jolie making love.




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Angelina Jolie Sex Fakes